Why I turned into a morning person and how that improved my life as Software Engineer

As a software engineer, I was no stranger to the night owl lifestyle. In fact, many of us in the field often relish those late-night hours when the world sleeps, and we can delve deep into lines of code or tackle complex programming problems. The allure of coding through the night, with a steaming cup of coffee as our trusted companion, is undeniable. However, this nocturnal routine often brought its own set of challenges.

Also, working with different time zones meant that I had to be flexible with my schedule, sometimes coding into the early hours of the morning to collaborate with international teams. It was a juggling act, balancing the demands of work with personal life. The night owl life, as exciting as it was, came at a cost – a disrupted sleep cycle, inconsistent productivity, and a work-life imbalance that left me yearning for a change.

That’s when I stumbled upon the book “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. It promised to revolutionize not just my mornings but my entire life. And so, with the book in hand and the aspiration for a brighter, more productive future, I decided to embrace the dawn and become a morning person. The journey was not without its challenges, but the transformation it brought to my life as a software developer was nothing short of remarkable.

Here’s how embracing the dawn as a software developer improved my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined. I’m sharing my experience and how I could improve my daily life (not just promoting a book). Those are the main topics I could see, after some weeks, getting better in my life.

Increased Productivity

One of the biggest advantages of becoming a morning person is the uninterrupted, distraction-free time in the early hours of the day (yes the same advantage than the lonely night). I found that I could tackle complex coding challenges with a fresh and focused mind. The quiet of the morning allowed me to dive deep into my work without the usual workplace distractions – and I’m not even talking about the daily tasks at home

Healthy Habits

The Miracle Morning routine promotes a combination of activities like meditation, exercise, reading, and journaling. These practices have helped me incorporate healthier habits into my daily life. Regular exercise, in particular, has boosted my energy levels and made me more alert during work.

  1. Better Work-Life Balance: Waking up early allowed me to set aside some personal time before diving into the workday. I used this time for reflection, planning, and some much-needed “me time.” This improved work-life balance has made me a happier, more content individual.
  2. Enhanced Creativity: The early morning hours offer a sense of calm and tranquility that can foster creativity. I’ve found that some of my best coding ideas and solutions come to me during these peaceful moments.
  3. Improved Stress Management: The morning routine helped me develop a more positive and focused mindset. By starting the day with mindfulness practices, I can better manage stress and deal with the inevitable challenges that arise in software development.
  4. Consistency and Discipline: Waking up early every day requires discipline and consistency. These traits have spilled over into my work, making me a more reliable and dedicated developer.
  5. Time for Learning: In my newfound morning hours, I’ve been able to dedicate time to continuous learning. Whether it’s staying updated on the latest programming languages or diving into a technology-related book, these moments have helped me stay at the forefront of the industry.
  6. Early Networking: The early morning hours have also given me a unique opportunity to connect with other like-minded professionals who are also early birds. Networking during sunrise has proven to be an invaluable addition to my career.

Becoming a morning person and adopting the principles from “The Miracle Morning” has undeniably improved my life as a software developer. It has made me more productive, happier, and healthier. So, if you’re stuck in the night owl rut, I encourage you to give it a try. Embrace the early hours, and you might just find that your career and your life are better for it.






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