1. Can you post a step by step? I have downloaded the plugin and activated it. In my form, I have checked the “activate add to calendar button, fill out the form, now what? I have saved the form and I do not see the button added. Do I some code somewhere on the ”form” or ”mail”?

    1. Hi Bryan S,
      Could you show me where are using my plugin? I would like to check.

      I checked your email and I think our plugin is here. Did you specify the date instead select date fields?

      Thank you for your interest,

    2. Hi again Bryan,

      I checked this page and the problem is because you’re using two contact forms at the same page. Try to activate the last form too, instead only first one.

      Do you consider that feature, being compatible with more than one CF7, could you helps you?

  2. Hi I am using your plugin When I click on the “Add to Calendar” Button. My calendar is showing the error. “Calendar could not load the data. Please try reloading later.” I have no idea how i solve this. can you please help me?

  3. Hi!

    Would it possible to add a feature that sends this “add-to-google” link/button in the email to me?

    I would love the abillity to add a request from a customer to my google calendar if/when the request is approved by me.

  4. Hi Jorn,
    In fact, that isn’t a feature in this plugin. But I think I can help you.
    I will email you, ok? 🙂

    Thanks in advance for your interest,

    1. Hi I would like to insert the button in the customer email and in my not in the contact form page can you send me the same solution.

  5. It doesn’t work for me and Google Calendar opened in a new tab and keep loading with no entries added.

    Could you please help 🙂

    1. Error log:
      14:48:22 PHP Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /kunder/cloudb_3320/cloudb_5545/public/wp-content/plugins/add-to-google-calendar-contact-form-7/admin-atc.php on line 129

  6. Hi, It is not showing the Add to Google calendar option on contact form 7. I have configured all the settings but it is not working.. please help.

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