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Cancel WooCommerce not-paid Orders automatically

One way to keep your online store clean and organized is using the order status. Complete, Cancelled, Awaiting Payment are type of status which helps you to pay attention at the most important orders.

But when you have a lot of “Awaiting payment” orders and you don’t know until when you need to consider that order? Well, I’m writing today because of that. A client of mine gave me this problem: I want to cancel my pending orders (awaiting payment) after 4 days.

Before the solution we discuss about:

  • Should we need to consider all the payment methods?
  • The client should be receive any type of email confirm?
  • Which order status we need to consider?

Well, those answers aren’t too important for this post. 🙂 But after that, I started to code. Follow me, step by step:

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Are you a Blogger? Show your old posts in your WordPress blog

“One year ago you posted that …”, “See what you said on this day, in 2012 …”. You already saw something like that on your social media accounts, didn’t you? Remember your own content on the Internet is a really trendy Throwback-Thursday Post.

What interesting could be, if we could highlight our old posts, like “One year ago I wrote that ..”, “Three years ago I went in Tibet – read what I wrote about it”.

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Security and Health Status – New feature on WordPress 5.2

There are a mount of posts around the Internet saying “Top 10 things” that you need to do on your WordPress website. But this time is different, new WordPress Core released (5.2) gave to us a new important feature.

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How to add a Full-Screen Menu to your WordPress website

If you have a personal/commercial website and if you want to improve that website with an additional menu without replace the current menu, just keep reading.

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Are you thinking of selling WordPress Plugins / Themes at Envato Market?

Envato is an attractive marketplace for plugin/theme developers who want to start their careers selling WordPress material. Envato is a nice solution – it gives visibility, marketing and there are a lot of people searching things there every day.

On this post, I will talk a little about my first experience at Evanto.

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4 Reasons to stop your freelance work right now and make your website

One day I had a meeting with a potencial client. He was own a sports/health club company. And that guy dressed with a sport’s suit asked me: So you are a web agency… But you’re website is just a spaceship video as a background (true)… And you don’t have a Mac too!!

So… Is this guy was correct?

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Add to Google Calendar Button – Contact Form 7 (CF7)

Hi folks! My first plugin for WordPress is available now on WP plugin repository!

Install, test and try to hack.
Don’t forget to give me a review 🙂


WordPress is definitely a secure CMS?

When I studied Digital Marketing in university, sometime in 2015, WordPress was presented as a cool, opensource and easy to learn CMS (Content Management System) for a website – but still low in security.

Even so, nowadays WP is the most used CMS in the world – with around 30% of all the websites.

Top CMS Usage in the World. Source: BuildWith  (thanks for helping to prove my point)

So… 30% of the total web is at this moment with low security? Not at all. Some topics:

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Welcome Universe and WordPress Gurus!

Hi folks!

I’m launching today my personal website – where I will write about WordPress stuff and Web subjects in general. As a professional, I’m a Web Developer focused on WordPress on the last months and a few days ago I started my first plugin to WordPress community :))

I have my own company – Blink Culture – and I’m living in Porto, Portugal (If you haven’t visit yet, come quickly, we’re running out of space – polemic speach) . So you can expect some content writen in portuguese too.

Porto Downtown – Photo by Diogo Palhais

At this time you can contact me using my personal email – . After I organize this website you will have a beatiful contact form.

That’s all by now. Hope you like my future content. And we’ve a nice river too!

Ponte da Arrábida – Photo by Simon Couball