Are you a Blogger? Show your old posts in your WordPress blog

“One year ago you posted that …”, “See what you said on this day, in 2012 …”. You already saw something like that on your social media accounts, didn’t you? Remember your own content on the Internet is a really trendy Throwback-Thursday Post.

What interesting could be, if we could highlight our old posts, like “One year ago I wrote that ..”, “Three years ago I went in Tibet – read what I wrote about it”.

Thinking on that, I created a plugin for WordPress with the same logic, but for you, bloggers could be celebrate your own posts. With Throwback Posts Plugin for WordPress , you can highlight and show your visitors your old posts, giving them more readers and more real visits.

In other words, with Throwback Posts you will have more engagement and your main traffic will not be focused only on last posts. After install it, you will see a real improve on those old posts.

Which Settings/Configuration you need to do

Almost nothing. You just need to decide:

  • Which dates you want to highlight
  • The categories to include on those posts
  • And a lot of Design Settings (that you can leave it blank if you want it)

A quick example using Throwback Posts (only screenshots)

My dummy blog with the Throwback Posts Widget
Wow, time to celebrate! Three Months ago I wrote I’m getting too old for this :))

By the way, if you use WordPress as your main blog or website, please check all my plugins as well:







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