How to add a Full-Screen Menu to your WordPress website

If you have a personal/commercial website and if you want to improve that website with an additional menu without replace the current menu, just keep reading.

Why do I need an additional menu?

Sometimes, you need your users to pay attention at something special. Some additional content like Case Studies, WooCommerce Account Links, Social Media Icons, Privacy Policy, etc…

And I’m sure you’ve noticed that there is a huge difference between your Desktop/Mobile user visits. If they have different behaviors, why not give them different solutions?

You can make that with this plugin below.

Animated Full-Screen Menu

That was my second plugin at WordPress Directory and it’s free! It has a lot of features, so you can customize it according your needs. You can just install the plugin (it’s available here) and to explore the functionalities, or you can follow this steps to create your additional menu:

The final result can be something like this.

1. Install the plugin

The plugin is available to download here:

Or you can also to install the plugin on your Administrator Panel, at Plugins -> Add New and search it like “Animated FullScreen Menu”. You will recognize the thumbnail.

2. Create a new WP Menu

If you are interested on social media links, privacy policy and/or WooCommerce integration, please skip this step.

At Appearance -> Menus, please Add a New Menu and choose your pages/links you want to use at your additional new menu.

Click on “create a new menu”.
Customize your new menu with your needs.

3. Customize your Menu

Customize your additional fullscreen menu on your lateral Admin Panel, at Animated FullScreen Menu option. There you will find all the options and functionalities you need to put it available to your users.

Note: Don’t forget to select first option to activate the plugin. Otherwise, you won’t see the menu.

Some options for your new menu.

That’s it! Hope you enjoy the result. If you want any other functionality, please leave a message at Support Forum here, I will get back to you.

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