Are you thinking of selling WordPress Plugins / Themes at Envato Market?

Envato is an attractive marketplace for plugin/theme developers who want to start their careers selling WordPress material. Envato is a nice solution – it gives visibility, marketing and there are a lot of people searching things there every day.

On this post, I will talk a little about my first experience at Evanto.

The short story of my first premium WordPress Plugin

Well… I’ve been working on developing websites/apps WordPress based. And in this post you see I developed my first plugin to WordPress and I gave it to community. Immediately, I started to think on my new plugin – and how that new plugin could be a lucrative source.

So I started asking that:

  • Have I any good idea? Or can I use something from my last projets?
    • Answer: Yes I can ( for the last question)!
  • Can I turning this on a MVP (minimal viable product)?
    • Yes. With an additional stuff…
  • Would someone buy this plugin?
    • Someone in the world.

I spent a few days on this new plugin – Animated FullScreen Menu. Basically a cool-design menu with a few functionalities.

I’ve been adding some functionalities to draw attention of potential buyers – like WooCommerce compatibility, Multi Language, etc.

Here It is!

Time to submit and receive the answer from Envato

The time to submit the plugin had arrived! I submitted it at Envato and I waited (less than a day). And the answer was: Rejected. “We found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”.

Fair answer? Of course, yes. After that, I searched newer plugins submitted on Envato. All of them have more functionalities than mine.

Where are my plugin right now?

Of course, where should be from the beginning. At WordPress Repository – in 3 days, It had 31 active installations. So what the plan? Make a fremium solution, where I can control the evolution and make money anyway.

In conclusion, if Animated FullScreen Menu was accepted at Envato, maybe it was just another forgotten one. Right now, It’s alive and with a nice evolution! 🙂







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