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How to develop a good idea and launch it to the market in less than 24 hours

I’m starting to believe in micro projects. A part of my work right now is testing the market and to try continuously for a market niche. Some topics:

Think about your idea

Take your time. Quickly to develop a good idea doesn’t mean you can’t to think about it. Think about all the possibilities. Think as a user or a client is just as important as to think as a developer. In front of your desk isn’t the unique spot you can think about your work, sometimes the biggest ideas come from things that happen in everyday life (when you pay the attention it deserves).

Start from a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Don’t waste your time with a not yet tested product. A MVP is the best way to test your product into your market. The main advantage is to understand about your users/customers before you finish your project.

Basically with your MVP you can change the plan many times as you want according with the feedback from your first users. Last but not least, you can leave the project without losing a lot of resources.

Learn (and share knowledge) with your direct competitors

Other way to test your market is checking the users/consumers for you competitors, because they are already in the market you want to enter. If you write a SWOT analysis about your competitor, you will have access to your potential opportunities on the market (and your potential threats). If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please go here and read about SWOT analysis.

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How to do a SWOT Analysis

How/where to launch my MVP?

If you’re developing an app, a plugin or anything else, I think you should to launch your product in a free repository, using a free license (users don’t pay for untested things), where your product’s visibility will be huge without wasting time and money with marketing.

Well, today I’m launching a MVP for a product. It’s a WordPress plugin and it is available at WordPress Plugins Repository.

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4 Reasons to stop your freelance work right now and make your website

One day I had a meeting with a potencial client. He was own a sports/health club company. And that guy dressed with a sport’s suit asked me: So you are a web agency… But you’re website is just a spaceship video as a background (true)… And you don’t have a Mac too!!

So… Is this guy was correct?

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Welcome Universe and WordPress Gurus!

Hi folks!

I’m launching today my personal website – where I will write about WordPress stuff and Web subjects in general. As a professional, I’m a Web Developer focused on WordPress on the last months and a few days ago I started my first plugin to WordPress community :))

I have my own company – Blink Culture – and I’m living in Porto, Portugal (If you haven’t visit yet, come quickly, we’re running out of space – polemic speach) . So you can expect some content writen in portuguese too.

Porto Downtown – Photo by Diogo Palhais

At this time you can contact me using my personal email – . After I organize this website you will have a beatiful contact form.

That’s all by now. Hope you like my future content. And we’ve a nice river too!

Ponte da ArrĂ¡bida – Photo by Simon Couball