4 Reasons to stop your freelance work right now and make your website

One day I had a meeting with a potencial client. He was own a sports/health club company. And that guy dressed with a sport’s suit asked me: So you are a web agency… But you’re website is just a spaceship video as a background (true)… And you don’t have a Mac too!!

So… Is this guy was correct?

When I started my own company, my main goal was invest in relationships in market instead on my fully effects website.

It worked. Because that question was regular, I had a good answer for that: – our clients are important, we don’t have time for our website right now (cool because is true).

They are a really good developers, that answer us quickly and with creative solutions. But they don’t have a website.

2019, fake client

This logical and strategic argument started to stay fallible. This argument was starting difficult me to discuss web design, usability and whatever stuff, because I wasn’t one signature example.

My company’s website (I erased the “before” state, sorry) https://blinkculture.pt btw

Summing up, here you have a straight list with my four reasons to start my website:

1- Your website gives you credibility

Really old-school argument? True, but still important. Digital nomads or freelancers not always to have a fixed address neither becomes part of a cool brand company. So, as a digital cool person, your website will be your way to say you’re real!

2 – Own your own web domain. Your email will be appreciated.

A website requires a domain. Own your name domain is so cool that you will stop to use @gmail.com. Start talk to your potencial clients like From: hello@yourname.com. It’s really niffy. 🙂

3 – Your proud work will no longer be lost.

Now you have a spot to display your portfolio!

4 – You will start to be searchable

Yep, SEO is real. From your town to the world!!







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