Category: WooCommerce

  • Stock Sync – How to sync products in a WooCommerce Multisite

    There are a lot of reasons to use the Multisite feature on a WordPress environment – the challenge is when we need to synchronize information between them. Same database, but different tables, languages and product stocks are great examples of common data between all websites. Let’s start from the beginning. What is WordPress Multisite? Using…

  • WooCommerce – Save the Products’ Stock Status for each Order

    Stock Management is a default feature on all Online Store CMS, it’s useful when you manage your stock using WooCommerce, preventing out-of-stock Purchases and of course, preventing your clients’ complaints. Sometimes, beyond this obvious feature, we need to know some more about the stock status. For example: occasionally, for business rules’ reasons, it could be…

  • Cancel WooCommerce not-paid Orders automatically

    One way to keep your online store clean and organized is using the order status. Complete, Cancelled, Awaiting Payment are type of status which helps you to pay attention at the most important orders.