Cancel WooCommerce not-paid Orders automatically

One way to keep your online store clean and organized is using the order status. Complete, Cancelled, Awaiting Payment are type of status which helps you to pay attention at the most important orders.

Are you a Blogger? Show your old posts in your WordPress blog

“One year ago you posted that …”, “See what you said on this day, in 2012 …”. You already saw something like that on your social media accounts, didn’t you? Remember your own content on the Internet is a really trendy Throwback-Thursday Post. What interesting could be, if we could highlight our old posts, like […]

How to develop a good idea and launch it to the market in less than 24 hours

I’m starting to believe in micro projects. A part of my work right now is testing the market and to try continuously for a market niche. Some topics: Think about your idea Take your time. Quickly to develop a good idea doesn’t mean you can’t to think about it. Think about all the possibilities. Think […]

Are you thinking of selling WordPress Plugins / Themes at Envato Market?

Envato is an attractive marketplace for plugin/theme developers who want to start their careers selling WordPress material. Envato is a nice solution – it gives visibility, marketing and there are a lot of people searching things there every day. On this post, I will talk a little about my first experience at Evanto.

4 Reasons to stop your freelance work right now and make your website

One day I had a meeting with a potencial client. He was own a sports/health club company. And that guy dressed with a sport’s suit asked me: So you are a web agency… But you’re website is just a spaceship video as a background (true)… And you don’t have a Mac too!! So… Is this […]